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  1. 100 Trends in Over 50s Housing

    100 Trends in Over 50s Housing

    A newly researched study on the 100 Trends in Over-50s Housing worldwide. Focused on where over-50s are choosing to live. That is the ultimate guide to immediate demand. Learn More

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  2. How To Fill Empty Retirement Village Units In 4 Weeks

    How To Fill Empty Retirement Village Units In 4 Weeks

    Business Opportunity 4 / 2011 / This presentation reveals in detail a simple technique for quickly filling all vacant independent living / assisted living apartments / units / flats / villas. In an era of falling real estate prices, client indecision, and sales staff frustration, this simple technique cuts through the clutter, fills up your vacancies and improves your cash flow. The technique can be applied quickly in all countries and the author is available (by phone, fax, email) for follow up on any issue/conundrum that you may wish to raise. All the contact details are listed in the study/report Learn More

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  3. How To Fill All Your Empty Care Beds In 26 Weeks

    How To Fill All Your Empty Care Beds In 26 Weeks

    This is a business plan that was followed by a company that needed to sell out a 60 bed nursing home facility within 6 months. This PowerPoint lists the 9 point plan that enabled this objective to be met. The programme took four weeks to set up and was executed in 22 additional weeks. Learn More

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  4. Dementia / A Global Approach

    Dementia / A Global Approach

    Hardcover / 210 pages / 2010 (Oct) / Growth in the incidence of dementia presents major challenges to global healthcare systems. As the burden of dementia in non-Western cultures grows, developing nations are expected to overtake developed nations in terms of dementia prevalence. Insights from developing nations and transcultural considerations are, nevertheless, neglected in the published literature. Dementia: A Global Approach fills this gap by integrating contemporary cross-cultural knowledge about dementia. Each section reviews the literature from the published, predominantly Western, perspective, contrasting it with empirical knowledge from non-Western cultures. Covering major clinical, epidemiological and scientific areas of interest, detailed consideration is also given to care-giving models across the world and management of patients who have migrated between regions. Learn More



  5. A Loving Approach to Dementia Care

    A Loving Approach to Dementia Care

    Making Meaningful Connections with the Person Who Has Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementia or Memory Loss / Hardcover / 128 pages / 2011 (May) / Laura Wayman's program of care emphasizes communication, affirmative response, and empowerment -- transforming the caregiving process from a burden into a fulfilling journey. Real stories illustrate the principles of this loving approach, giving readers the tools they need to connect with people who have dementia. In addition to offering valuable lessons on how to provide the best possible care, Wayman urges caregivers not to neglect themselves: If you take care of yourself, you will have more physical and mental energy to care for your loved one. The practical tips in this book will help you balance your own needs with those of your loved one so both of you have a more positive experience. Learn More



  6. Purpose Built Housing for Young Brain Injured / Disabled

    Purpose Built Housing for Young Brain Injured / Disabled

    DVD 2011 / New apartment buildings for persons with physical disabilities, brain injuries/some seniors in mix. Fusion of co-operatively managed housing, supportive living, rehabilitation services. Residents may choose to live alone in one bedroom unit or share a two bedroom unit with roommate or family member. Units designed for full accessibility (wheel-in showers / community space) counters and light switches low / carpets without seams / doors with handles not knobs. HUD subsidised / rent 30% of resident?s income. Assisted living is cheaper than institutionalisation. Encourages more fulfilling lives / disabled to hold jobs / become integrated into community. Best exponents / Accessible Space Inc. Learn More



  7. Care Managers: Working with the Aging Family

    Care Managers: Working with the Aging Family

    Paperback/ 342 pages/ 2008/ Care Managers: Working with the Aging Family addresses the unmet needs of care managers working with aging clients as well as the client's entire family. With its in-depth focus on the "Aging Family System", this book fills a gap for medical case managers and geriatric care managers giving them tools to better meet the treatment goals of aging clients and their families. As the older clients move through the continuum of care in institutional based settings or community based settings Care Managers: Working with the Aging Family uniquely focuses on helping the entire family unit through the process of death and dying, helping midlife siblings work together to render care to aging parents. It adds proven techniques to the care manage repertoire such as family meetings, forgiveness, technology, and care giver assessment. It offers multiple tools to do an effective care plan so that both the needs of the family and the older client are met. Learn More



  8. Senior Living Communities/ Operations Management

    Senior Living Communities/ Operations Management

    Marketing for assisted living/ congregate and continuing care retirement communities/ paperback/ 360 pages/ 2007/ Pearce's book lives up to its billing as a complete guide for senior living communities. Any organization contemplating entering the senior living market should read this book to fully understand all the specifics and issues of delivering senior housing. Pearce's guide is readable, well organized, and filled with relevant information. This in-the-trenches approach to the administration and marketing of assisted living, congregate and continuing care communities is quite valuable for both the novice administrator who is looking for guidance, as well as the experienced practitioners who will find validation in their approach. Learn More



  9. World War II Veterans' Memory Drawings of Housing on British Air Bases

    World War II Veterans' Memory Drawings of Housing on British Air Bases

    Report 2010 / Even five decades after they lived in the Quonset huts, the participants were able to provide documents memories of WWII hosing. No studies were found that examined memory drawings of military housing, although a memory drawing study was foudn of Kuwaiti women perceptions of the Iraqui invasion (Pepin-Wakefield, 2008). This work fills a gap in the existing military housing literature, providing researchers with new materials for future study and analysis. Learn More

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